My top 10 skincare do’s and don’ts

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In my last beauty post I explained my new fascination with trying beauty products and shared my first tip with you. This week I wanted to elaborate and give you a few more of my favorite tricks<33

Heres my top ten list of do’s and don’ts I’ve learned so far:


Skincare tip #1:

~Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!! -I have pretty oily skin and I’ve always thought that it meant you shouldn’t use moisturizer. I quickly learned that in using certain products I could balance my PH scale and create softer, clearer, more healthy skin. Hydrating your skin is essential!


Arbonne deep moisturizer


Skincare tip #2:

~Try to stop touching your face so much – I know this sounds cliché and it’s not an easy habit to break, but it will really help you not to break out as much. This is a struggle for me because I find myself constantly touching my face throughout the day, becoming intentional about it has really helped me break out less.


Skincare tip #3:

~Start using a toner!! – This helps with extra oily skin or acne. It cleanses your skin deeper and is sure to remove all excess dirt and oil your face wash didn’t wash off. I use this directly after washing my face.

Belief~ toner

Skincare tip #4:

~Serum– I’ve been using the “First Aid Beauty, Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum,” and I love it. Some serums tend to have a sticky texture but I really love the texture on this one. This beauty trick helps tighten your skin and retain moisture. Use it before your moisturizer for deep hydration.

FAB~hydrating serum

Skincare tip #5:

~The Magic of Masks – Masks are one of my favorite parts of taking care of your skin. There are many types of masks for different causes, but one of my very favorites is Rosy Cheeks from LUSH. It leaves your face feeling smooth and hydrated. I use a mask about once every 2 weeks, but I like to switch them up from clay masks or homemade masks depending on what my skin needs most!

Lush~ rosy cheeks face mask

Skincare tip #6:

~Rose Water Spray – I am so obsessed with the Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray right now! You can use rose water spray any time of the day and it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and smelling great. It also hydrates and tones your skin on the go.

Mario Badescue~ rose water spray

Skincare tip #7:

~Treat, don’t squeeze – I am a huge fan of Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I love my friend Mario… not only because the products are pink, but each one I’ve tried has worked really great with my skin. The drying lotion is like a spot treatment that I put whenever I’m breaking out, and I just place it directly on my zits and leave it overnight while it dries them out! Don’t pop your pimples, show ‘em some love.

Mario Badescue~ drying lotion

Skincare tip #8:

~Exfoliating – This beauty trick is really good if you have clogged pores or a lot of blackheads. I use an exfoliating wash about twice a week to eliminate build-up and open up pores. I’ve recently been using the brand Alba’s exfoliant because it has less chemicals and is more natural. This is also something that works really well for my skin and preventing acne but everyone’s skin is different!

Alba~ exfoliating face scrub

Skincare tip #9:

~Acne treatment – Lately taking care of my skin the right way has been enough for me but last school year I was constantly breaking out. I started using the Arbonne acne treatment set which is chemical free and without parabens. Most other acne treatments have a lot of extra added chemicals. Arbonne cleared my skin up pretty quick and was pretty reasonably priced.

Arbonne~ acne treatment set

Skincare tip #10:

~Know your skin! – My last skin care tip is to explore different beauty products and really get to know what works for you. Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different so knowing what works for you is key. It’s important to take a couple days off of wearing makeup and really give your skin a break.

xoxo~ alivia leigh

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