Merry Christmas loves,

This is my veryyyy favorite time of the year and I enjoy so so many things that come along with it.

I wanted to share a few of the things I enjoy most along with a cover of one of my fav Christmas songs.

Hope you enjoy! Make sure to take a listen to my new cover of Last Christmas.


1. Christmas fashion ~Okay the cold weather isn’t really my thing I have to admit, but I think we can all agree that winter clothes are so much fun. I love layering all sorts of sweaters and jackets.


2. Christmas decorations ~I look forward to changing up my room and putting up Christmas decor all year long.


3. Christmas music ~I’m one of those people that everyone gets annoyed with because I start listening to Christmas music wayyy too early, but jamming out to mistletoe by Justin Bieber just can’t be beat so sorry you’ll have to deal 🙂


4. Christmas traditions ~One tradition that I look forward to every single year is my moms homemade cinnamon rolls. I know it probably sounds like I’m being overly dramatic when I say this, but they are the very best cinnamon rolls on the entire planet. Seriously the best part of Christmas.


5.Christmas drinks  ~hot chocolate, egg nog, Starbucks holiday drinks, and braum’s peppermint chocolate chip shakes …oh my the list could go on.


Click on the pics below to pin a few of my outfits I’ve worn this winter on your Pinterest as well!xoxo~ alivia leigh

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I’ve also been blessed with voice lessons and the opportunity to record at six eight school of music where the video above was recorded.

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