My top 4 beauty hacks!

hey guys,

Today I want to share my most recent beauty hacks with you!

to make your eyelashes thicker and longer~ If you are looking for a natural and easy way to make your eyelashes bomb I might just have the trick… Apply caster oil on your eyelashes every night before bed! This will make them healthier, longer, and thicker. I noticed a difference after a couple weeks;))

for a clear complexion and hydrated skin~ Drinking coconut water is very good for you, the electrolytes keep you hydrated and that can cause a difference in your skin. As we all know, the cold weather often makes our skin super dry- drinking a cup of coconut water every day is a great way to help you maintain that young youthful glow!

make your hair shiny and healthy~You guys I have done this trick for years and I still love it! Once a month treat your hair to a mask! Massage coconut oil in your hair and leave it for 20 minutes at the least then wash it out and it will begin to leave your hair feeling soft and healthy!

to take wrinkles out of your clothes without using an iron~ I think we can all relate to the struggle of not having time to iron your clothes while your on the go! This spray has for real been a life saver for me and it’s super easy to make.

here’s what you need to make it:

  1. one teaspoon of liquid fabric softener
  2. one teaspoon of  rubbing alcohol
  3. one cup of distilled water
  4. add all of the above ingredients into a spray bottle and shake it up!

Now you’re all set;))  Spray it on any area with wrinkles and pull down on the area to make it straight.

Let me know what you guys think and how these hacks work for you!

xoxo~ alivia leigh

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