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Today I wanted to share my favorite devotional with you, and a few of the pages that have stood out to me the most so you can learn from them too!




If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me post quite a few pages from my Solo devo. This book has helped me grow spiritually so so much over the last year. It’s a quick and easy read that still makes you think and sticks with you! If you are looking for a devo that gives you steps and prayers to really grow you, I highly recommend this one!





Here are a few of my favorite pages and what I got from them…

~This really stood out to me and helped me realize that God has already given you all that you need to stand up to what comes against you and it’s your job to use it! In your moments of weakness ask God for His strength to overcome.


~It’s as simple as realizing that God is the only one who can heal you and make you whole. Go to Him in your brokenness.

~I’ve often heard the phrase “In the world but not of the world,” but didn’t fully understand what it meant. Reading this devotion made it really clear to me.

xoxo~ alivia leigh

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