bloggers day out + barre 3 & blo outs

Happy Sunday!!

This weekend I got invited to a blogger’s party and wanted to share my fun experience with you guys!

First off, we went to barre 3 and let me tell you it is not as easy as it looks! It was so much fun and definitely kicked my butt.


Next we went down the street to get our hair done at Blo hair salon!

I got to meet so many wonderful ladies and enjoy the day together!




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for the all the goodies and making this fun day happen!

I walked away from this day with two big takeaway’s:

First of all, it was a great reminder to me that a big part of life is about the relationships in life and how valuable they truly are. I was invited to this blogger party with some amazing ladies and so blessed to be a part of this amazing day because of a relationship in my life. And I was able to walk away building new friendships.

Secondly, it showed me the importance of enlarging your circle of influence! Being around new people, doing new things will give you a sense of excitement for life and push you to grow in your relationships!

Here are a few of the amazing bloggers I was blessed to create relationships with.. go check them out!











So I want to first of all encourage you to flourish the relationships in your life. Also look for ways to enlarge your circle of influence so that you can experience all that life has to offer. (and so that other’s can experience your beautiful gifts and talents and all you have to offer 🙂 ).

I’m so grateful to have met all of these wonderful ladies <33 see you in next weeks blog

xoxo~ alivia leigh

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