Valentines day gift + outfit ideas!

Hey loves,

It’s almost Valentines day & I wanted to help you guys prepare with a few gift ideas and a couple of cute looks for your special day;))

Goody basket and gift ideas:

Inside this cute little Valentines day basket I included an xoxo keychain, xoxo polaroid holder, Bobbi brown makeup set, and this cute white heart hat. I love the idea of putting together a basket containing all of your special someone’s favorite things<33

Chill/Classy look:

For this outfit choice I went for a more chill/classy look for a Valentines day outfit idea! Dressing up some ripped jeans with a flowy shirt and some heels is quick and easy but still adds some spice to your outfit.

A little more sassy:

For a little more of a dressy outfit I would pair this pretty pink dress with black heels and a simple necklace. I’ve been obsessed with this color and actually found this dress at a random little shop a while ago but haven’t found the right occasion to wear it yet! Something simple and elegant like this is perfect for a Valentines day date night! (except for that my date night will be with netflix:)

Let me know what you think! I hope these ideas help you have the perfect day.

Happy Valentines day, hope your day is filled with lots of love<3

xoxo~ alivia leigh

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