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I hope you all have had a wonderful week! Today’s blog includes a few things…

First of all a couple months ago I posted on Insta about some new glossier skincare products I got. Now that I’ve been using them for a while I wanted to do review of my thoughts and results of how they’ve worked for my skin. DON’T MISS OUT ON PROM BEHINDS THE SCENES PICS DOWN BELOW!!

I’ve tried soooo many different face cleansers, scrubs, and moisturizers. My skin is pretty oily for the most part but will randomly get extremely dry. (mostly when seasons change) I feel like I’m now able to manage my skin and keep it hydrated but not too oily. I absolutely loveeee glossier!! The products I’ve tried so far are very gentle but manage to remove all my makeup. I’ve barely broke out at all the last couple of months. (hopefully this doesn’t jinx me lol) My skin feels softer and hydrated not to mention all the products smell amazinggg and are light pink! How freaking cute is that!

~ inside the package & extra things it came with.

I ordered glossiers phase 1 set to start off with & these are the products that came in it:

milky jelly cleanser actually dissolves your makeup without even using water. This is the softest face cleanser I’ve ever used and I really love that it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight.

~ rose balm dotcom is tinted light pink ofcourse and leaves your lips feeling moisturized and soft! My fav thing about the texture of their balm is that it’s not sticky. I’ve tried manyyy different lip balms and scrubs due to my slight obsession.. but glossier definitely knows whatsup!

~ priming moisturizer I use a small amount of this after applying toner and primer before bed leaving my skin glowing!

Thank you glossier for making skin happy & healthy products!!

I’ve been looked forward to prom since I was a 10 year old watching Troy and Gabriella dance in the rain. This weekend I finally went to prom & it was definitely a night to remember:)) here are some behind the scenes pictures…

see you guys in next weeks blog<33

xoxo~ alivia leigh

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