My summer essentials

Hey loves, here are some of my top summer essentials! Hope you enjoy:)


This vintage yellow/mustard color has been at the top of my favorites list lately! I spotted this cute suit right when I walked in the store.


Although these glasses have given me many nicknames already… cat lady, creepy, old… the list goes on… I could care less because I LOVE THEM:)

I think they are so unique and def got them before they became a trend !


If you know me, you know I have neverrrr been a reader! Crazy enough, lately I’ve gotten the urge to learn and read!! Right now I have 9 books I would like to finish before summer is over lol.

Here are a few book recommendations:

Poem book:note to self

Devotional: REAL (by gateway church)

Just for fun: dream it. pin it. live it.


Anything vintage has captured my attention lately. That being said this black and white dress has been my go to this summer. I’ve worn it as a swimsuit cover up, to go out, to chill, take pics, and just about anywhere else you can think of.


If you know me you also know hoops have become a real obsession. I started with one simple pair and was quickly on a mission to collect just about any size, color, and style. that being said, these hoops aren’t too heavy and are the perfect size for everyday.

Goal book

I don’t have a picture of my goal book because I have 3 hahaha. BUT I created a goal book to inspire myself to come up with some summer goals! My top goal so far has been to learn. By reading and finding new ways to learn new things. I’m slowly but surely accomplishing my summer goals 🙂

I want to encourage y’all to do the same! Along with finding your fav summer essentials… create a goal book that keeps you inspired and open to new things! This will allow you to not let summer pass you by and look back with a sense of accomplishment.

xoxo~ alivia leigh

comment some of your favorite summer essentials<3

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