i have been planning this trip with my mom since I was a little girl. we spent time exploring Rome, Capri, Vatican, and Florence. the thing that surprised me the most was the culture. from each person I met in Italy I realized one thing they all had in common… they aren’t afraid to be themselves. Everyone comes across as authentic and driven. no matter if they’re working in a restaurant or singing on the side of the street, they do their very best at whatever they are doing and live passionately. the culture strives less to have a perfect image and more for true happiness. something I thought was interesting was the low amount of marriage and children in Italy. I learned from my new friend Davide that because of the lack of money there is less family. he explained the struggle of being able to provide for oneself, much less taking care of someone else or a family for that matter. the lifestyle in Italy is much more focused on enjoying the experience. time spent with loved ones, even just dinner is valued to stress the focus less on the individual person and more on the “us.” the freedom seen from not being afraid to be themselves left me with so much courage to do and experience more even if its dancing in the street or starting a conversation with a stranger. just to ENJOY. no matter where you go its easy to see that we are all on the same search to be satisfied with ourselves and our lives. I’ve learned so much from my time in Italy. There is so much I want to experience in this world and I can’t wait to share with you my next adventure.

much love

x mila


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