Africa 2019

Hi friends,

First off I wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported me and allowed me to be able to go on this trip! My time in Africa was like nothing I have every experienced.

I signed up for this trip in the summer with 24 complete strangers. By the end of the week we were practically family. We spent 4 days at different children’s cup care points in Eswatini, this is where we hosted their Christmas event and instilled in the children how special they are, spent time learning from them, and fed them a warm meal. We met the most amazing people who truly have a desire to spend their lives loving others. The rest of the time we did home visits and other kinds of outreach and got to experience the culture of Africa.

I highlighted a few of my favorite parts from my time in Africa to share with you<3



pure joy



This was one of my favorite moments on the trip. I became friends with these ladies, Charity and Trishie, within minutes and have continued to connect with them since being back in the U.S.


This is Lindokuhle, she is 12 years old and became like one of my little sisters on the trip. Soon after meeting her she shared with me her heart for others and her biggest dreams. Knowing that I love to sing she came to me whenever she thought of a new song to teach me.


My prayer before this trip was that the lord would help me with my unbelief. Not only in His power, but in myself and what I am capable of, and in the people around me. I chose to get baptized toward the end of the trip and leave behind unbelief.



on the streets of Africa


I was blown away by how respected the women in Africa are. These women care for everyone around them. I had the privilege of cooking with them and hearing their hearts. Most of them had babies strapped on their back by a towel wrapped around them, chased off chickens, sang and talked while preparing probably the only Christmas meal these kids would receive.


these are homes.

IMG_2672One of my biggest takeaways from the trip is the importance of loving and serving others in the way they want instead of the way I think they need to be loved. There are so many more stories I want to continue to share with you and give a voice to the beautiful friends I made.

It became obvious very quickly that we often leave these trips or hear of the poverty in 3rd world countries and become overwhelmed, the truth is that ANYTHING you give to others in these conditions and culture will be appreciated and used no matter how small you think it is. Again thank you so much for believing in me and pushing me to go experience this wonderful opportunity. much luv<3

//pictures were taken by myself and my friend Yegor//


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